LEEDAN Electric Technology Co., Ltd.

Unique electromechanical transmission concept Servo drive motor & driver Continuous research and innovation

Under the company's policy of constant pursuance of advanced transmission technology, LEEDAN has committed to provide the best possible quality of products and services to customers. Through the years of efforts by each one at LEEDAN, we have constantly upgraded the in-house manufacturing capability for high quality components. Our ceutstanding technological background provides us a competitive edge in the worldwide market. Currently, LEEDAN products have been sold to over 30 countries around the world, including U.K, France, Italy, Finland, Poland, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Russia, Czech Rep, Denmark, Israel, Canada,U.S.A, Mexico, Brazil, Argentine, Chile, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia etc.
Besed on the company's outstanding know how in motor technology and the philosophy of insisting on quality, LEEDAN dedicated itself in constant R&D of servo motor and driver. Manufacturing of LEEDAN products are conducted according to the company's rigorous quality policy. Each servo motor is subject to comprehensive inspection and test to assure the best possible efficiency and servo stability.
LEEDAN Electric Technology Co., Ltd., is a highly reputed manufacturer of high efficiency induction servo motor, synchronized servo motor and DC carbon brushless motor. With 10 years more of manufacturing experience, LEEDAN products have been sold to over 30 couctries around the world under LEEDAN brand name. Each LEEDAN product has been fully satisfied to customers.
At LEEDAN, we have a deep understandig that only superior quality and comprehensive service will give assurance to customers, and this provides a foundation for our business perpetuity. Look to future, we will keep moving for constantly developing new products to meet customers requirements. We will always strive hand to achieve our stragetic target and this is our unwavering commitment to industry.。